Congratulations- You’re Engaged! The Top 3 Things You NEED to Do After Saying “Yes!”

Whether you’ve been day dreaming of your wedding since the days of pig tails and overalls, or if the word “wedding,” has never crossed your mind; the moment he/she pops the question (and you say Yes!) becomes the very beginning of your happily-ever-after.


While you’ll definitely be feelin’ the love from friends , family & co-workers in the days post-engagement, we know it can also be overwhelming. You may want to book a venue immediately, but we urge you to soak in your newly engaged life, get used to the word fiancé  and think about these three factors before anything else:

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#1: The Season / Possible Dates:

Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall – you’ve got four options that can all be beautiful; the decision is yours.  Are you someone that envisions snow-globe-esque wedding photos vs. a beachy sunset? Whatever your vision is – determining the season is the first piece to starting to look at venues.

#2 Guest List/Anticipated Guests:

There is nothing more special than having all of “your people” in one place, but it is important to get an idea of this number early on.  We suggest estimating on the higher side for the sake of budget, location etc. Several venues have capacities, so estimating too low and adding guests could lead to a messy situation later on; numbers are important.

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#3 Ideal Locations:

With a season and guestimate in place, start thinking location. This can be both specific or general, but either way you’re narrowing it down. If you’re drawing a blank and overwhelmed by the possibilities, think about places that are special to the both of you.

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These key factors are essential in creating your wedding budget which will allow you to start sourcing the appropriate vendors in a price point you can afford.  It’s important to identify a range for the “Must Haves” on your budget, and also identify where you can negotiate or omit certain line items to save $$$ overall.  Where do your priorities lay?

In working with couples at KG Events & Design, our first step after that initial meeting is helping them shape their custom event budget based on the above scenarios and offer realistic options for what they are looking for.  It’s much easier to reach their goals when starting with a blank slate vs. trying to back pedal out of expensive venue & vendor deposits that were decided on before we started working together.

Since each destination can vary greatly based on the time of year and location, and since there isn’t a reliable “wedding budget calculator” out there to determine what you should be spending, it really needs to be thought out and calculated based on your own wants & needs.  Each wedding is unique in it’s own, from finances to estetic and the more time and attention given to the budget early on always translates to satisfied clients who feel they get the most bang for their buck!


Photo Credit: Liz Cecil